Stress Management

Stress Management

Highly effective in helping one to identify and understand stress. Participants discover what their stressors are, how it affects them and how it can be managed.

Topics include:

  • Coping with Stress
  • Defining Stress
  • Exploring Self-Sabotage
  • Physical, Emotional & Behavioral Symptoms
  • Stress Reduction Techniques

A Stress-Less You

Being stress less is a learning experience designed to provide you with an approach to feeling less stress in your life while achieving your personal and professional goals. You will learn to find a more relaxed, confident approach to your day-to-day circumstances, even if they include endless interruptions, overreacting bosses, or another morning of bumper-to-bumper traffic. This workshop will help you identify the true sources of your stress, which then enables you to identify new ways to think about the approaching the stressful situations in your life. When you stress less, you enjoy more aspects of your day, attain better results, are more creative, and achieve higher levels of performance.

Topics include:

  • Prevalence of stress in society
  • Role each of use plays in our own individual experience of stress
  • Physical and mental functions of stress
  • Creating own stress less strategy

Coping With Change

Many of us today are resistant to change but change is obviously an inevitable fact of life. Exploration for personal vision and goal-setting will help look at change from a different point of view. Individuals will realize that change can be both a danger and an opportunity for individuals, teams, and groups within any organization. Key concepts and encouraging dynamic role-playing, individuals will have a chance to discuss the process of change, the ‘inevitable’ conflicts that arise as a result of change, and the challenge of team cooperation.

Topics include:

  • How to handle resistance to change
  • How to support and promote change in your life
  • Levels of change
  • Phases of change
  • Sources of change

Handling Personal Anger And Frustration

What triggers you? Explore the factors that anger or frustrate you and identify how you respond. Gain insight as to the role personality’s play in how one manages anger and frustration. Individuals need to realize that anger can be constructive or destructive, depending on a person’s awareness of feelings as well as their motivation and skills for expressing anger.

Topics include:

  • Awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication techniques
  • Be in the here and now and resolve conflicts flexibly and playfully
  • Dealing with power struggles and interpersonal conflicts
  • Learn the difference between blaming “you” messages and assertive and constructive “I” messages
  • Learn the four faces of anger
  • Let go of hurt pride and self-defeating expectations in response to critical feedback

"Safe Stress"

Designed to help individuals identify symptoms of individual and organizational stress, as well as to recognize those factors that cause stress in the work environment. It also provides strategies for combating work-related burnout. Individuals learn to monitor the levels of stress within themselves and in their professional and personal lives.

Topics include:

  • Communication, relaxation, and time-management skills
  • Four “C’s” of psychological hardiness
  • Identify personal stress signals
  • Recognize their vulnerability for burnout
“I had the pleasure of taking the presentation workshop last fall and truly enjoyed the practical way I was able to grasp the material. I found the transformation in myself to be a great improvement and immediately felt better about the world around me.”
– Catherine K.

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