Personal and Career Development


Examining the problems and pitfalls of negative attitudes, while giving excellent guidelines on developing a winning attitude toward co-workers and customers. Participants will have the opportunity to examine individual attitudes and levels of performance, while discovering specific areas for improvement.
Topics include:

  • Identifying Specific Attitudinal Problems
  • Learning to Deal with Difficult Individuals
  • Making Plans for Personal Growth
  • Overcoming Negativism
  • Winners vs. Losers

Women: A Journey to Wellness

Bring women closer to understanding the mind/body connection, and the importance of developing a lifestyle that is conducive to stress management and wellness. During this workshop, participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences.
Topics include:

  • Dealing with the Aging Parent & Making a Commitment
  • Define Stress & Stress Management
  • Physical Fitness & Developing a Wellness Strategy
  • Reducing Anxiety & Relaxation Techniques
  • Self-Esteem & Assertiveness Skills

Women: Wellness & Work

Assist women that may or may not be aware of the pressures and stressors that occur on a daily basis. Participants will understand the value of taking control of one’s life and health, which are both essential for longevity. Topics include:

  • A Holistic Lifestyle
  • Assertiveness
  • Fitness & Health
  • Self-Esteem
  • Time Management

Self- Empowerment

Explores various components of self-empowerment and self-esteem. It is designed to enhance personal and professional goals. Participants will discover an essential quality that defines who he or she is. Through this workshop the participants will begin to sense a new awareness and heightened vision, which may be a starting point and practical personal tool in a journey towards higher empowerment and self-image.

Topics include:

  • Communicating with Authority
  • Empowering Others
  • Goal Setting
  • Optimism
  • Ten Skills for Empowerment

Professional Presentation Skills

Designed for the professional that desires to sharpen their presentation skills. Participants will learn presentation preparation, personal preparation, and ultimately delivering the presentation.

Topics include:

  • Enhancing Delivery Skills
  • Organizing Thoughts
  • Preparing & Selecting Information
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Voice & Diction Practice

First Impressions

Multi-faceted and designed to enhance individual’s skills pertaining to entering the workforce, securing an outstanding job, and maintaining excellent credibility and power in the workplace. Participants gain guidance in regard to their outward impression and image as it relates to moving ahead in the business world.

Topics include:

  • Interviewing Tips Before & After
  • Look & Act Powerful
  • Masculine and Feminine Strengths
  • Professional Image & Business Etiquette
  • Resume Building

Self-Esteem: A Journey Into Self-Awareness, Part 1

Geared specifically toward each individual and designed to heighten awareness of the importance of high self-esteem, and to discuss the components and behaviors necessary to maintain a good feeling of self.

Topics include:

  • Co-dependence
  • Developing Self Love & Acceptance
  • Overcoming Guilt
  • Overcoming Negative Self-Destructive Habits
  • Transforming into a Successful Person

Self Esteem: Part 2

This workshop builds upon Self-Esteem: Part 1, guiding individuals to focus on what is “right” with themselves. The journey must continue as participants gain strength and support to overcome the challenges faced daily, and build into their lives a new way of thinking and positive emotional health.

Topics include:

  • A Commitment to Change
  • Fear and Overcoming Distorted Thinking
  • Increasing Self-Esteem & Self Awareness
  • Self-Worth & Self Awareness
  • The Art of Forgiveness
  • The Fruit of Positive Thinking

The Assertive Woman

This power packed workshop is exciting and interactive. Myths are dispelled as participants discover they cannot be categorized in general as being assertive, non-assertive, passive or aggressive, it is all determined by personal culture.

Topics include:

  • Assertive Strategies & Communications
  • Assertiveness Traits vs. Aggressive
  • Body Language
  • Reprogramming the Mind
  • The Assertive Woman, Who is She?

Lifeskills For Women

Provides practical real life solutions to real life circumstances challenging women of all backgrounds. No matter what stage in life a participant may be, there is the possibility due to hectic lifestyles that women in particular are at risk for falling apart emotionally, mentally and physically. This workshop is participatory and focused on solutions.

Topics include:

  • Balancing Skills
  • Family Life
  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Managing Money
  • Organize Your Life
  • The Aging Parent

Emotional Wellness

A fantastic tool to help all individuals discover who they are a person. At the heart of most problems individuals face, is the ever-present dilemma of esteem, and difficulty dealing with personal emotions. This workshop is highly participative.

Topics include:

  • An Environment of Trust
  • Emotional Hurts & Disappointments
  • Positive Conflict Resolution
  • Removing the Mask
  • Setting Emotional Boundaries
  • Self Sabotage
  • Overcoming Victimization

Getting To Know The Real You

Designed to emphasize and celebrate the lives of individuals and all they do on a daily basis. Many individuals are having an identity crisis. Identification of solutions to help individuals better define the type of person they are and who they want to be. Experiences the joys of getting to know who you really are and celebrate your life’s accomplishments. Individuals accomplish so much everyday and often take those accomplishments for granted.

Topics include:

  • Building Self Esteem Through Celebration
  • Celebrate Yourself (Don’t Wait for Others)
  • Celebration Tips and Ideas
  • Who You Are
  • Who You Want To Be

Time Management

How do you balance your personal and professional lives so that you are in control of your time? With all the demands for your time and attention it is becoming more and more difficult to balance important things in your life. This workshop will help you gain this control by focusing on how you spend your time and setting priorities to avoid overload.

Topics include:

  • Avoiding time wasters
  • Gaining balance in your life
  • Gaining control of your time
  • How do you spend your time?
  • Managing time in special situation
  • Setting priorities
  • Tools to manage your time
“While the team from Transformational Symmetry Consulting, LLC was speaking, I feel that they were interested in me. They radiated openness and a connection was created. This connection was not limited to just me but I could feel it in the entire audience, connecting the entire group with what was happening around them.”
– William P.

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